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Introduction to SupaLaunch

Welcome to SupaLaunch! This guide will help you get started with SupaLaunch and show you how to launch your next supa startup.

What is inside SupaLaunch?

SupaLaunch project has the following structure:

  • /src
    • /app — NextJS 13/14 app folder
      • page.tsx — SupaLaunch landing page including Hero, Features, Pricing, FAQ, and Footer
      • /api — Next.js API routes
      • /auth — Supabase authentication routes
      • /cards — Example of how to build NextJS-Supabase integration. This includes creating new cards, saving them in the DB and fetching them from the DB. It also shows how to use Supabase Storage to upload and display images.
      • /ai — Examples of how to integrate AI into your app.
        • /summarization — Text summarization example using LangChain and OpenAI API
    • /components — Next.js components
    • /lib — Supabase client and database functions for both client and server
  • /supabase
    • /migrations — Supabase migrations files

Where should I start?

We recommend starting with the Getting Started guide. It will show you how to run the project locally and how to set up Supabase.